Waiting For…..

This scene represents a magical moment, the moment when time seems to slow down, the leaves fall softly, the sun shines of heat, and all of that takes place while waiting the last train of 18:h to return to home.

Train station By faynar

Start by modeling the platform, create a box and try to add some polygons, use NOISE modifier to create a stone effect. 
use a plane to create the ground and add Subdivide modifier to have some random polygons, use paint vertex as a texture materials and do a mixture between 2 texture, i used a grass texture and gravel texture after that create the rails of the train and duplicate it all along our scene.

Now we are adding the electricity poles, and the billboards, you can model them or import them from a free library that you can find on internet, try to model the barriers with the Lines and and add some thickness.

We will model the stop where people will hide when it rains, as the electrician, the contents behind the stop with some wooden lockers and the fence around our scene.as you can see i used a texture to create the fence.

now add some trees, you can also add a Daylight and start to config your render.

Select an angle to place your Camera and just config a good render.. for me, I’ve done the render with Mental-Ray.

After completing the rendering, complete your Artwork with some retouches on Photoshop, add lots of layers and let your imagination take you to creativity, invest the necessary time for it, while working as a Digital Artist in order to realize an image similar to a Jap-Anime or a Dream-Works movie.Add to Moodboard

at the end , I hope you enjoyed ……………… Faynar.