Nomika Village is a concept art for the game “The Last Chronicles”
This small fairy village is located in the south of the blue seas, land of the Narfole.
At some point in the game the main character wakes up in front of the two palm trees of the village, after being rejected by a hurricane.

” Nomika Village from The Last Chronicles ” I’ve started this village by modeling the Island in the form of a snail with a main entrance after that i did the Texture with a mixed material and Color Map, next start to import the other object like different homes, tree trunks, the cart and the barrels….etc

Nomika Village Concept

You can see here, all the scenery and objects with the Wire-frame.

Nomika Wireframe

Imodeled this cabana, and i’ve done the texture and i just import it into Nomika scene.


I did the same work with this little house, you can see it looks like Link’s home from the Legend of Zelda.

Link’s HomeI modeled

This house while respecting the model of the big houses of the middle-age type, with the technique of LOW-POLY.

Midevil large home

At the end try to configure a nice render, i always use Mental-Ray rendering for  all my scenes, after that i go to Photoshop and as always i give place to my imagination in order to realize a fairy artwork.

Nomika Vilage Mental-Ray rendering