In the world of fantasy

For this artwork , i wanna create a fantasy environment, for an anime or a game or a movie, but I think I was influenced by the world of the Borrowers or the Pilferers. So I’ve done something similar with some of my fantasy.

my nest

I’ve started by modeling this small home in Low Poly, And i started by adding some objects to animate the scene and make it prettier, adding the small boxes, the syrup bottle, the basket and the the half can of coca, all set on a wooden pillar with the stairs nearby.


ScreenI added the branches and leaves with ivy generator, it let you to modify the density, the age and to choose the textures for your branches and leaves.

Branches and leavesafter that, you have to put a camera and start to configure a good render. when you will have your render import your image into Photoshop and as always, just keep your imagination to take you to the world of the creativity, and give the necessary time for your artwork, keep working on until you will get a good artwork.

My Nest Renderhere is some layers and step used on Photoshop, as i said just keep working on your image until you will have a good result.

my nest layers ……………….. FayNar